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The history of gambling

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The 21st century is a time when everything changes very quickly, transforms and develops. If earlier, just a few decades ago, it was possible to play only in land gambling halls, now, all your favorite gambling games are collected in one place and available to everyone in the online format, at any time, day or night.

Gambling has a long history, because people have always sought to get new emotions and impressions. Mentions of gambling are found in all ancient sources of knowledge: in the mythology of the Ancient Greeks, Indian Vedas, Egyptian manuscripts.


The very first known gambling entertainment was dice. There is a Greek legend that says that during the siege of the famous Troy, soldiers whiled away time precisely for a gambling dice. The love of gambling quickly spread throughout Europe, and then throughout the world. 토토사이트 Simple gambling was replaced by new ones. So, with the development of the art of engraving on copper and wood, cards began to appear, and then a whole gaming industry began to form, with the advent of gambling houses and casinos.

Information technologies are developing at lightning speed, and now, traditional casinos have been replaced by new, modern online casinos.


Everything is very simple. To start playing you need a computer and a stable Internet connection. The official site of Vulcan casino offers a huge assortment of gaming entertainment for every taste, completely free and without registration. On the pages of the casino you will find a diverse gambling collection: slot machines, card games, roulette, poker, keno, puzzles and others.

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