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News about Online Gambling Regulations in Macedonia

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The internet age has opened innumerable opportunities across industries. The introduction of the worldwide web technology has been lauded as the greatest invention of our times. For Macedonians, the internet could not have come at a better time. From payment solutions to online casinos, the future of web-based gaming can only look brighter.


Geographically, the Republic of Macedonia as is officially referred is found in South Eastern side of Europe in the Balkan Peninsula. With a population of close to 600,000 people, this is a former state of Yugoslavia member which officially gained independence in 1991.

Gambling History

Coincidentally, in the mid-1990's or thereabouts, the world witnessed the roll out of the internet, a scenario which saw Macedonia start a great journey towards the universal acceptance of gambling whether online or offline. Perhaps, the embrace of online gaming was greatly influenced by its proximity to Europe which has been christened as the pioneer of online gaming.


Before the proliferation of online gambling sites, Macedonia top land-based gambling halls were located in major towns like Skopje and Gevgelija. There were options for slot machines, Poker rooms, and bookmaking and table games. Macedonians of majority age were free to wager on their choices as gambling was from the start legal across the country. Nowadays, you are able to play at home, you just need to read some online casino reviews and choose your operator - everything else is so easy.

Gambling Regulations

Macedonian gambling laws cover among other things the casino operations, licensing, 안전놀이터 promotion of fair and responsible gambling, establishment of arcade halls and bookmakers’ offices. Though web-based gaming has significantly taken roots, laws guiding the industry have not been fully fine-tuned, but authorities have their eyes set on the matter.


When it comes to online gaming, the legal framework is still at the infant stage. However, going by the initial drafts, we should expect a monopolistic approach whereby the Macedonian government owns at least 51% of the operators that are associated with specific online casinos.

There is a planned exclusive Macedonian enterprise that will be set up to control the activities of the industry while reporting to the central government. Such an approach is, however, likely to limit freedom of gamblers as you can only wager on sites that have been accepted by the government. Hitherto, some foreign-based casinos have been barred from accessing the Macedonia cyberspace pointing to a rigid arrangement where the freedom of choice is curtailed. Perhaps, such moves have been prompted by the need to expand the Macedonian revenue bases while at the same time closing in on the rogue operators who may be determined to unscrupulously benefit from your hard-earned cash.

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