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Monaco Gambling Guide

Located on the French Riviera, Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world. This sovereign city state, or micro state, is ruled by House Grimaldi, and is a glamorous bubble tucked in the south of France famed for its exquisite casinos. Theoretically, Monaco is one of the most affluent European countries, especially when the small number of local citizens is taken into account. The gambling industry plays a major role in Monaco’s economy.

Gambling is one of the activities Monaco has become famous for. Gaming and gambling was officially legalized more than a century ago, as part of the country’s efforts to start generating larger amounts of money for the Principality. In addition to its casinos, luxury hotels and sandy beaches, Monaco is also known for its banks, popularized for being a tax haven. When we think of its capital Monte Carlo, it’s hard not to imagine lush casinos with red carpets, gold gilding and marble topped roulette tables. However, the Principality is currently doing its best in order to keep gambling as its national business instead of a pastime. This policy have resulted in some laws and bills that are considered too harsh.


Land-based gambling

Currently, there are five land-based casinos that operate on the territory of Monaco:

  • The Monte Carlo Casino
  • Monte Carlo Bay Hotel and Resort
  • Sun Casino – Monte Carlo Grand Hotel
  • Café De Paris Casino
  • Monte Carlo Sporting Club and Casino

There is no legal definition of land-based gambling in Monegasque law. 토토 The only reference to land-based gambling can be found in Article 350 of the Criminal Code, which states that establishing or managing a gambling house requires a prior government authorization.


For a small country, Monaco has invested heavily in the security of its citizens, and the country as a whole. Most security professionals would agree it is probably one of the safest places to live. There’s a policeman for every 100 individuals here, video surveillance round the clock and highly sophisticated security system in place for casinos. Privacy is given utmost importance; a reason cameras are forbidden within the casinos. In short, it is an extremely safe place to gamble here in Monte Carlo.

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