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Gambling: a national euphoria in Macedonia

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According to the analysis of the Association of Sports Betting of Macedonia, about 45% of the population bet in the country. Given that Macedonia has the highest youth unemployment in Europe and thirty percent of the total population is unemployed, is sports betting just a fun and hobby, or for many this is a hope for existence?


According to analysis of Association so the betting Macedonia , the country is betting about 45 percent of the population. These figures are similar to a 2008 survey by the Center for Research and Policy Making, in which 37% of citizens bet on sports betting, and as many as 71.5% say they do so for economic reasons.

For Macedonian citizens, sports betting is an opportunity for economic gain but for some it can only be fun. There are over 550 sports betting companies registered in Macedonia


Macedonian betting is most visited at weekends, when the strongest European leagues play football. Sportsbooks say visitors are between the ages of 18 and 80, but more and more girls are betting.

In 2013 there were 400 sports betting on 8 organizers of gambling, which employed 2500 people. It is estimated that a total of 30,000 jobs are linked to the games of chance. This association estimates that 46 percent of the population is betting. 먹튀검증 A study by the Center for Research and Policy Making in Skopje found that in 2007, 37 percent of citizens across the country were betting that sports betting was turning into “national euphoria”. There were 79 in 2005 and about a hundred in 2007. Even 74 percent of citizens with incomes lower than the average were “customers” of sports betting.


Some of these people in sports betting saw an opportunity to earn some extra money to cover their costs and liabilities to the state, which in many cases are unsettled for the Macedonian citizen. They saw the chance in sports betting, because with a minimum deposit of 50 denars, everyone can expect up to 300,000 denars, depending on the combination paid, “the study said.

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